Facial recognition system

Podcast: The planet's plastic problem

Axios' Kim Hart explores the exponential plastics problem, recycling and the growing business of petrochemicals with colleagues Alison Snyder and Amy Harder. Plus, in the "final two" Democrats' concern on facial recognition system and Huawei's revenue toll on trade restrictions with the U.S.

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House Democrats ask DHS to address use of facial recognition on U.S. citizens

In this illustration, rows of black and white photographs are boxed in by digital identification squares.
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

23 House Democrats have signed a letter to acting Homeland Secretary Kevin McAleenan expressing concern over reports of facial recognition systems being used on American citizens.

The big picture: Regulating facial recognition software has bipartisan support. Republicans and Democrats are worried about potential abuse of power by law enforcement and have suggested implementing federal laws to restrain the technology. Others are concerned it could be used as a tool for authoritarian surveillance, as in China and other states.