Trump administration unveils new plan to boost corn-based ethanol

An Iowa cornfield. Photo: Alex Edelman/AFP/Getty Images

The Trump administration announced Friday a plan that aims to boost corn-based ethanol, the Des Moines Register reports.

Why it matters: President Trump is facing what the paper has branded a "rural rebellion," necessitating this latest twist in a never-ending battle over America's ethanol mandate. The president is stuck between two allies — agriculture and oil interests — feuding with each other.

Nebraska's corn farmers are "outraged" at Trump

In this image, a corn farmer walks across his field.
A corn farmer in Polk, Nebraska. Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Corn farmers in Nebraska are "outraged by the Trump administration's lack of support for the American farmer," according to a Thursday press release by the Nebraska Corn Board and the Nebraska Corn Growers Association.

The big picture: Farmers across the U.S. have had to cut costs, take up side gigs and go without health insurance to stay afloat during the U.S.-China trade war. The Trump administration has promised billions in aid to affected farmers, though an analysis showed that most paid so far went to the country's largest and wealthiest farmers.