Brazil's Bolsonaro rejects support of ex-KKK leader David Duke

Bolsonaro holds a press conference. Photo: Phil Clarke Hill/In Pictures for Getty Images

Brazilian presidential frontrunner Jair Bolsonaro rejected an endorsement he wasn’t expecting, from former KKK leader David Duke, with a tweet suggesting that "supremacist groups" should support his leftist opponent "who loves to segregate society."

Why this matters: Bolsonaro, the far-right congressman who polls show as a strong favorite in the Oct. 28 presidential runoff, has a history of controversial comments on race. It's a sensitive subject in Brazilian politics. A study from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics shows that the white population, once a majority, is now just 44% of the total population. Duke, who backed Donald Trump in 2016, said Bolsonaro "sounds like us."

Report: Twitter suspended 1,500 for spreading wrong election date

Twitter logo in a magnifying glass.
Photo: Aytug Can Sencar/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Over the weekend Twitter suspended 1,500 fake accounts a pro-Trump group created to mock liberals because the accounts had been spreading false information about Election Day, such as saying that Election Day is November 7, when in fact it is on Tuesday, November 6, per The New York Times.

Why it matters: Reddit’s largest pro-Trump forum,"r/the_donald," likely created the trolling campaign as a joke, but spreading false information about the midterms can keep voters from casting ballots. "Similar types of disinformation spread on social media in 2016, which makes companies like Twitter nervous," as the NYT’s Kevin Roose writes.