East China Sea

Japan, China set up military hotline for East China Sea

An aircraft carrier on the horizon
A Chinese aircraft carrier in the East China Sea. Photo: AFP via Getty Images

After a decade of discussing a potential military hotline to avoid escalation in the East China Sea, Tokyo and Beijing have agreed to establish one, Reuters reports.

The big picture: Tensions in the Sino-Japanese relationship have been simmering down, with the two countries working more closely together amid mounting uncertainty around U.S. foreign policy and a potential trade war.

Tanker blast in East China Sea sparks environmental concerns

Chinese authorities battling a blaze aboard an Iranian oil tanker . /AFP/Getty Images

A Chinese government official said Monday that a fire which engulfed an Iranian tanker that sank recently in the East China Sea has ceased, leaving mounting concerns over the serious harm it would cause to the marine ecosystem, per the Associated Press.

What happened: The Iranian tanker, carrying natural gas condensate, crashed into a Chinese freight ship on Jan. 6, per the AP. Three bodies from the tanker, which has a crew of 32, were found. The Chinese official told the AP that a probe into the blast will be conducted.