Eli Lilly rolls out half-price generic of its main insulin

Vials of Humalog insulin.
Humalog is Eli Lilly's top-selling insulin. Photo: Niklas Halle'n/AFP via Getty Images

Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly is going to start selling an authorized generic of its top-selling insulin, Humalog, for $137.35 per vial — about half the price of Humalog.

Why it matters: The decision will help people with diabetes who don't have insurance or who face high deductibles and coinsurance rates. However, the amount that health insurers and others will pay Lilly for this insulin, called Lispro, will be about the same as what Lilly gets for Humalog after rebates and discounts — meaning society more broadly will still be paying the same price for this kind of popular insulin.

Google AI is now in clinical use in India

Google's artificial intelligence machine that detects diabetes
Google and Verily are using this tool in India to help diagnose diabetes-related eye conditions. Photo: Verily

Google — along with its health care-focused sister company, Verily — has taken an artificial intelligence tool out of the lab and into real doctors' offices.

Why it matters: So far, AI tools in the health care world have mostly been useful for things like quickly reading and synthesizing a lot of medical literature — a few steps removed from clinical practice. Using a system like this for actual treatment is a big jump.