Read the "Never Pelosi" letter signed by 16 House Democrats

Nancy Pelosi
Photo: Alex Wong via Getty Images

Sixteen current and incoming House Democrats have signed and released a letter stating that they are "committed to voting for new leadership in both our Caucus meeting and on the House floor."

Why it matters: As the Washington Post's Aaron Blake points out, Democrats currently have 232 seats, with 5 races still to be called. Meanwhile, 2 of the 16 signatures opposing Rep. Nancy Pelosi as House speaker belong to Democrats in races that haven't been called. But regardless, 14 guaranteed no-votes is enough to put Pelosi in jeopardy, as that would leave her with a maximum of 218 votes. She needs all 218 to win a simple majority in the House.

Bill Nelson concedes Florida Senate race to Rick Scott

Florida Senate candidates Bill Nelson And Rick Scott
Bill Nelson and Rick Scott. Photos: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson conceded the highly contested Florida Senate race to Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott, according to a statement from Scott. After rounds of recounts in the state, Scott maintained a lead of about 10,000 votes.

Why it matters: Nelson was one of 10 Senate Democrats running for re-election in a state Donald Trump won in 2016. His defeat at the hands of Scott, a two-term governor, will help Republicans consolidate their Senate majority. The bitter and expensive race comes to an end after two rounds of mandatory recounts and a series of dueling lawsuits and unfounded accusations of voter fraud from the Scott camp.

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