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U.S. automakers risk falling behind foreign firms on accessibility

The front of a Volkswagen e-Golf electric car in front of the Volkswagen AG factory in Germany
The Volkswagen AG factory in Dresden, Germany. Photo: Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

Toyota, Renault, and VW have announced concept AVs that could be wheelchair accessible, but American automakers have yet to share wheelchair accessible design concepts.

Why it matters: If American auto manufacturers cede leadership on accessibility, they could end up forfeiting leadership on AV design more broadly and minimizing the role their cars can play in ridesharing long-term.

GM's self-driving car unit to test deliveries for DoorDash

Photo: Cruise

GM's autonomous driving unit, Cruise, will begin testing food delivery for some of DoorDash's San Francisco customers in March, the companies announced on Thursday.

Why it matters: After years of focusing on the technology, companies developing autonomous driving vehicles recently began turning their attention to business models.

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