Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

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AV companies are making progress on accessibility challenges

A woman in a wheelchair uses a ramp on a Renault EZ-GO concept car
Photo: Renault

AV companies are understandably focused on trying to perfect their technology to address trust issues among the general public, but meanwhile, they're working on designs for those who could benefit most from mobility technology — the elderly and people with disabilities.

Why it matters: AVs will need to have accessible control panels, chassis modifications that accommodate wheelchairs, and advanced human-machine communication technology, not only to realize industry promises around mobility access, but also to be ADA-compliant once they begin to operate as commercial transportation services.

Nostalgia is making a splash at CES

A red boombox
Photo: Ina Fried/Axios

While CES is all about the latest and greatest in technology, there was a significant retro theme on display at a number of the booths this year.

The bottom line: Even techies have a soft spot for the gadgets and brands of their youth — or, in some cases, their parents' youth.

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