Clinical trials

More patients getting this heart pump are dying

This week, the FDA warned heart doctors that patients who had received a newer type of heart pump, called the Impella RP, were dying at much higher rates in the real world than in initial clinical trials.

Why it matters: Experts have long said medical devices that pose the most risk and treat complex conditions need stricter regulation. But the development around this heart device also shows how a lack of rigorous testing causes confusion about whether devices are beneficial and working as intended.

A blood replacement startup says it's running in 5 U.S. cities

Blood bank with charts of types of blood
A blood donation center. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA Images via Getty Images

Ambrosia, a company that injects young people’s blood into older people, says it is now up and running in five American cities, the company tells Business Insider. Filling your aged veins with one liter of a younger person’s blood costs $8,000 — and two liters is a steal at $12,000.

The big picture: This whole blood-replacement thing is marketed as an anti-aging treatment. But, as Business Insider notes, there’s essentially no evidence it has any medical benefit, and it has raised plenty of red flags along the way. Ambrosia recently completed a clinical trial of its procedure, but hasn’t published the results yet.

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