Cisco calls for U.S. privacy regulations

The Cisco headquarters, photographed in 2017. Smith Collection/Gado via Getty Images

Cisco called for a different kind of privacy regulation debate in the U.S in a blog post on Thursday.

The big picture: Other companies have called for privacy regulations before — Facebook and Apple come to mind. But the debate has focused in no small part on Facebook and Google-style business models involving data brokerages and ads. Cisco's new call is largely concerned with everything else.

DHS supply chain task force to meet for the first time

Telecom worker installs equipment
A telecommunications worker installs new hardware at a cell phone tower. Photo: morfous/Getty Images.

A new Department of Homeland Security task force devoted to heading off supply chain cybersecurity threats against communications infrastructure will meet for the first time Thursday.

Why it matters: Supply chain attacks — hackers sabotaging the security of hardware or software to attack the system in which it's installed — have been at the top of mind for many in the government, with recent dust ups involving allegations against ZTE and Huawei as well as a widely disputed Bloomberg story.

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