Cancer treatments

Medicare will pay for new cancer therapy

Test tubes arranged on a table in a federal lab.
Test tubes at a federal lab studying CAR-T. Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

Medicare is proposing to cover the new cancer treatment, known as CAR-T, that helps patients fight the disease with their own immune cells.

Yes, but: This doesn't address how much Medicare will pay. Cancer hospitals are lobbying for higher payments after Medicare said earlier this year it would pay $223,000 for the average inpatient treatment.

WHO: Cancer drugs are too expensive

The World Health Organization says the cost of developing new cancer treatments doesn’t seem to justify those drugs’ high prices, as the pharmaceutical industry argues.

The big picture: "The costs of R&D and production may bear little or no relationship to how pharmaceutical companies set prices of cancer medicines,” WHO officials said in a recent research paper.

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