Broadcom finalizes takeover of CA Technologies

Broadcom building
Photo: Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Broadcom has completed its $18.9 billion takeover of enterprise software company CA Technologies.

Why it matters: Because it appears Sen. Rand Paul's last-minute appeal for a CFIUS review fell on deaf ears at Treasury. Also, there's still an ongoing federal investigation into possible stock price manipulation related to that forged memo.

Go deeper: The "fake" memo on Broadcom's CA Technologies takeover

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

On Monday I was sent a four-page memo purportedly written by a Defense Department official, requesting that the U.S. Treasury launch a national security review of Broadcom's proposed $18 billion takeover of CA Technologies.

The details: The sender claimed to be a government official who shared the memo's concerns that Broadcom, which recently reconciled from Singapore to the U.S., is beholden to Chinese interests because of its client base and the physical locations of its manufacturing facilities.

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