Brexit is happening: U.K. Parliament gives final approval

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson. Photo: WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The U.K.'s House of Commons voted 330-231 in favor of the European Union withdrawal agreement negotiated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Why it matters: The bill must still be passed by the House of Lords, but the Commons' approval essentially ensures that Brexit will happen on Jan. 31. The passage of the bill after three years of deadlock is a result of the landslide victory Johnson's Conservative Party won in last month's snap election.

Queen Elizabeth II discusses "bumpy" year in annual Christmas address

The Queen.
The queen records her Christmas Day message at Windsor Castle, England. Photo: Steve Parsons/Pool via AP.

The world is wondering how Buckingham Palace might characterize this past year in the Queen of England's annual address.

The big picture: Queen Elizabeth II, 93, is facing a politically split nation — and perhaps physically, if the Scots walk. The prime minister is Boris Johnson. A rift between the queen's grandsons Harry and William has been covered all year, and her new granddaughter-in-law Meghan Markle bucks tradition. Her son Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein are caught in a controversial web. And so forth.