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The midterms winners who got outspent

Data: Federal Election Commission, AP; Note: Spending includes net operating expenditures from primary and general elections. Chart does not include unopposed winners or likely winners in races that have not been officially called as of Nov. 9, 2018. Chart: Harry Stevens/Axios

Most of 2018's midterm winners spent more money than their opponents. But some, like Texas senator Ted Cruz and incoming freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, pulled out victories despite being outspent.

Why it matters: Candidates who outspend their opponents usually win. But some political obstacles are so large, even money can't overcome them.

Christine Blasey Ford is still being harassed over Kavanaugh allegations

Christine Blasey Ford
Christine Blasey Ford. Photo: Andrew Harnik-Pool/Getty Images

Christine Blasey Ford is still being harassed more than a month after publicly testifying about her allegations that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school, NPR reports.

Why it matters: The constant threats were a large part of why Ford told the Senate Judiciary Committee that she was hesitant to go public with her accusations. Ford wrote last month that she has had to move four times as a result, and has had to hire a private security detail for protection.

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