Breast cancer

Cancer costs wallop employers

Cancer is the main source of catastrophically high medical claims for companies and their employees, according to new data from stop-loss insurer Sun Life.

Why it matters: Self-funded employers, or those that directly pay for their workers’ medical claims, usually buy "stop-loss" coverage to insure themselves from unpredictably costly diagnoses. And cancer has been the highest-cost condition for stop-loss claims every year since 2013.

FDA warns about robotic surgery for cancer

In this image, a surgeon in blue scrubs and wearing a white face mask looks to the right while using a machine during an operation.
Urological surgeon Vladimir Medvedev uses a Da Vinci robotic surgical system. Photo: Valery Matytsin/TASS/Getty Images

Researchers have long been skeptical about whether surgical robots lead to better clinical outcomes than traditional surgical techniques. And now the FDA wants to make sure more patients and surgeons are aware of the pitfalls.

What they're saying: Surgical robots have not been officially labeled as safe or effective "in mastectomy procedures or the prevention or treatment of cancer," the FDA wrote Thursday in a public safety notice.