Barbara Bush

The world George H.W. Bush left behind

Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Almost 26 years after he left office a one-term president, George H.W. Bush was remembered today as a great man — with the chancellor of reunified Germany and the president of free Poland in the pews.

Why it matters: The world that was in many ways born during the Bush administration — as the Soviet Union crumbled, democracy spread and America’s preeminence solidified — is under severe threat.

Barbara Bush was "the first lady of the Greatest Generation"

The Bush family together at the funeral
Two presidents watch as the coffin of Barbara Bush is placed in a hearse. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

From historian Jon Meacham's eulogy for Barbara Pierce Bush — "the first lady of the Greatest Generation — during yesterday's funeral at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston:

"From the White House to Camp David to Walker’s Point, in hours of war and of peace, of tumult and of calm, the Bushes governed with congeniality, with civility, and with grace. Instinctively generous, Barbara and George Bush put country above party, the common good above political gain, and service to others above the settling of scores."
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