Autoliv revolutionizes airbags for autonomous vehicles

CEO of Volvo Cars Corporation AB and Jan Carlson CEO of Autoliv,
CEO of Volvo Cars Hakan Samuelsson (L) and CEO of Autoliv Jan Carlson. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/AFP/Getty Images

It's fun to imagine lounging in our cars once they start driving themselves, but safety engineers are worried about how to make sure we'll still be protected if there's a crash.

Why it matters: A dashboard-mounted airbag could land like a sucker punch in the back of the head if we've swiveled our chair around to talk to rear-seat passengers.

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The next stage of the AV industry: consolidating and refocusing

Illustration of road sign with multiple arrows merging
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Dozens of AV-related companies have launched in the past few years, but recent consolidation suggests there may be a limit to how many companies can muster the data and talent to succeed.

The big picture: As saturation continues into 2019, players lacking in capital face a choice between joining a more powerful player and narrowing their focus.

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