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Apple has hired dozens of doctors to back up health offerings

Apple executive presents apple watch on stage
Apple COO Jeff Williams introduces the new Apple Watch, capable of taking an FDA-approved electrocardiogram. Photo: Karl Mondon/Digital First Media/The Mercury News via Getty Images

Apple quietly employs dozens of doctors, "an indication that Apple is serious about helping customers manage disease, and not just wellness or fitness," CNBC's Christina Farr reports.

Why it matters: Apple has already begun to roll out a handful of health-related offerings — mainly its tool for electronic medical records and the new heart-monitoring capabilities on Apple Watch. But having a fuller staff of doctors on board (good ones!) signals bigger aspirations.

Apple courts nervous publishers for new Apple News bundle

illustration of the apple news stand app
Illustration: Rebecca Zisser / Axios

Apple has been rallying publishers to join a new premium bundle offering from Apple News that will launch next spring under the banner of Texture, a startup that Apple acquired earlier this year, Bloomberg reports.

Why it matters: Media companies, particularly those with dwindling print income, are desperate for new revenue but afraid of giving up control. Apple is a tempting partner, but publishers are wary of participating in "all-in-one" services that take a slice of subscription fees and control distribution.

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