Antibiotic resistance

CDC is investigating a multi-state salmonella outbreak

Chickens in a barnyard
Photo: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials are investigating a multidrug-resistant strain of salmonella infantis that has already led to 21 people being hospitalized and nearly 100 infected people reported in 29 states, the organization announced on Wednesday.

Why it matters: While no deaths have been reported, officials are concerned because the strain is resistant to multiple antibiotics, fueling growing concerns about antibiotic resistance. The CDC is not advising people to stop eating properly prepared chicken, but says this outbreak strain is "present in live chickens and in many types of raw chicken products, indicating it might be widespread in the chicken industry."

The antibiotics market is falling apart

It may not be long before the world simply doesn’t have many effective antibiotics, according to a scary piece by Maryn McKenna in Wired.

The bottom line: “The drugs we have for heart disease, for depression, for cancer, the vaccine for measles—they’ll still work. But antibiotics will be crushed,” Kevin Outterson, who runs an initiative that supports antibiotic research, told Wired.