Where abortion restrictions stand: The states that have passed laws

Anti-abortion protest. Photo: SAUL LOEB/Getty Images

The most restrictive abortion laws in generations are currently being challenged in courts across America's red states, setting up what could be a precedent-smashing Supreme Court challenge to the abortion status quo.

Driving the news: Pennsylvania became the 19th state on Monday to introduce a heartbeat bill that would ban abortions when fetal heartbeats are detected. Gov. Tom Wolf (D) vowed Tuesday to veto the bill. In South Carolina Tuesday, state senators voted to remove exceptions for rape and incest to advance a heartbeat bill, which is expected to pass next month. Gov. Henry McMaster (R) said he will sign it into law.

Southern "flash drought” drags on

Phillips County, Arkansas on Sept. 28, 2019. Southern Arkansas is experiencing abnormally dry and moderate drought conditions. Photo: Andrew Lichtenstein via Getty Images

High temperatures and fast-acting dry spells in the South reported last week have boiled over into a "flash drought" blasting 56 million people with dry heat, AP reports.

What's happening: Parts of Georgia, Texas, Alabama and South Carolina are currently in extreme drought zones, while most of the South is in an abnormally dry or moderate to severe drought. Farmers are concerned "that cattle, cotton and corn are suffering after a summer of record highs and very little rain," per AP.