Up to 9.4 million passengers' info leaked in Cathay Pacific breach

Cathay Pacific airliner
Photo: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images

Hong Kong airliner Cathay Pacific announced Wednesday it discovered that up to 9.4 million passenger records were breached this spring, per The Guardian.

Why it matters: Information including names, dates of birth, credit card numbers, passport numbers, identity card numbers, and historical travel information was accessed by attackers — and all that could be cross-referenced with other data repositories to conduct identity theft.

AA CEO: Airlines need to get past boom-and-bust cycle

Doug Parker, the CEO of American Airlines, doubled down on his remarks last year that the airline isn't "ever going to lose money again," saying airlines need to get past the boom-and-bust cycle of the past. "We're not going to go through these cycles," Parker said at an Axios Smarter Faster Revolution event at the University of Texas in Austin.

Big picture: Parker said things like oil prices approaching 4-year highs shouldn't tip airlines into unprofitability, and now companies like American are stronger to weather those changes. "In the old days it was all about how we're going to survive the next 12 months ... we have the luxury now of thinking long term."

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