Aug 25, 2017

Steve Mnuchin viewed the eclipse from Fort Knox

Saul Loeb / AP

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Sen. Mitch McConnell viewed Monday's eclipse from the roof of Fort Knox, according to documents retrieved by watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), per the Washington Post.

  • Why it matters: The trip came under scrutiny after Mnuchin's wife, Louise Linton, posted an Instagram photo stepping off a government jet and tagging the designer brands she wore. In turn, CREW questioned if they had used a taxpayer-funded jet for personal travel. McConnell was said to not have been on the plane.
  • Officials said the trip was planned for early August — a luncheon with the local chamber of commerce — but was rescheduled after recess was postponed.
  • One last thing: Reports reveal the plane would cost around $10,000 an hour. An anonymous representative told WaPo Mnuchin was reimbursing the government for Linton's travel.

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Coronavirus kills 2 Diamond Princess passengers and South Korea sees first death

Data: The Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins, the CDC, and China's Health Ministry. U.S. numbers include Americans extracted from Princess Cruise ship.

Two elderly Diamond Princess passengers have been killed by the novel coronavirus — the first deaths confirmed among the more than 600 infected aboard the cruise ship. South Korea also announced its first death Thursday.

The big picture: COVID-19 has now killed more than 2,200 people and infected over 75,465 others, mostly in mainland China, where the National Health Commission announced 118 new deaths since Thursday.

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SoftBank to cut its stake to get T-Mobile's Sprint deal done

Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

T-Mobile and Sprint announced a revised merger agreement that will see SoftBank getting a smaller share of the combined company, while most shareholders will receive the previously agreed upon exchange rate. The companies said they hope to get the deal as early as April 1.

Why it matters: The amended deal reflects the decline in Sprint's business, while leaving most shareholders' stake intact and removing another hurdle to the deal's closure.