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Milwaukee Bucks player sues police department for discrimination

Sterling Brown
Sterling Brown playing against the Miami Heat. Photo: Ron Elkman/Sports Imagery via Getty Images

Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown is suing the Milwaukee Police Department, claiming that officers used excessive force — they stunned him with a taser and arrested him — over a parking violation, the Associated Press reports.

What they're saying: The lawsuit, filed by Brown and his attorney in federal court Tuesday, argues that the officers involved in his arrest targeted him because he is black, and that they gave a false account of the incident in their report to make it appear as though Brown was resisting their efforts.

The backdrop: The police department apologized to Brown after body camera footage, released last month, revealed images of his arrest. Brown was released from prison the same day, and played in a game the Bucks that night.

Be smart: Brown's situation offers a glimpse of the struggles minorities face every day. And while Brown is fighting his arrest through litigation — many others don't have the resources and finances to do.

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