Aug 1, 2017

Sprint CEO says merger discussions progressing


Sprint turned its first profit in three years even as the company turned to heavy promotions to lure customers and revenue came in below what some analysts were expecting. More importantly for Wall Street, CEO Marcelo Claure indicated that the company expects to issue a public update on potential merger plans "in the near future."

Analysts cautious: Although the company managed to eke out a quarterly profit, some analysts cautioned that some of the gains were due to accounting changes. As for the company's customer base, churn of existing subscribers was higher than a year ago and it posted only a modest gain of 88,000 postpaid phone customers.

"Sprint's financial position remains challenged as its balance sheet is highly leveraged and the company currently holds over $34 billion in long-term debt," Technology Business Research analyst Steve Vachon said in a research note.

Merger talk: Much of the questioning on a conference call with reporters centered around Sprint's talks with Charter, T-Mobile and others about a potential merger. Charter recently indicated it's not interested in a deal, but other possibilities remain.

"We have plenty of options, and we've had discussions with a lot of different parties," Claure said, according to Reuters. An update on the fruits of those discussions "should be coming in the near future."

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More states issue stay-at-home orders as coronavirus crisis escalates

Data: Axios reporting; Map: Danielle Alberti/Axios

Florida and Georgia governors ordered all residents to stay at home late Wednesday, with exceptions for those engaged in essential services, including health care and government functions.

The big picture: In a matter of weeks, the number of states that issued orders nearly quadrupled, affecting almost 300 million Americans.

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White House recommends Americans wear masks in public

New Yorker wearing a homemade face covering. Photo: Selcuk Acar/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The White House announced that the CDC is recommending Americans wear cloth masks or face coverings in public to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, President Trump said at a press briefing on Friday — emphasizing the guidance is "voluntary."

Why it matters: The use of face coverings could stop people who have the virus, whether they have symptoms or not, from spreading it further when they go out in public.

Trump calls to fill up more places with oil

President Trump is calling on the Energy Department to find more places to store oil, in the wake of rock-bottom prices and an ensuing economic collapse of the sector itself.

Driving the news: Trump’s comments came Friday during a televised portion of a meeting he hosted with industry CEOs to discuss ways to help the sector. It’s reeling from a historic drop-off in demand with the world shutting down to slow the spread of the coronavirus.