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Our mission

We are a new media company delivering vital, trustworthy news and analysis in the most efficient, illuminating and shareable ways possible. We offer a mix of original and smartly narrated coverage of media trends, tech, business and politics with expertise, voice AND smart brevity — on a new and innovative mobile platform. At Axios — the Greek word for worthy — we provide only content worthy of people’s time, attention and trust.

The Axios Manifesto

All of us left cool, safe jobs to start a new company with this shared belief: Media is broken — and too often a scam.

Stories are too long. Or too boring. Web sites are a maddening mess. Readers and advertisers alike are too often afterthoughts. They get duped by headlines that don't deliver and distracted by pop-up nonsense or unworthy clicks. Many now make money selling fake headlines, fake controversies and even fake news.

Can you imagine Ford being obsessed mainly with whether the engineers love the howl and design of the F-150 engine, instead of simply delivering an awesome truck people want to drive? Never. But that's what digital media companies too often do. They produce journalism the way journalists want to produce it. And they design their products to maximize short-term buzz or revenue — not deliver the best experience possible.

We are engineering Axios around a simple proposition: Deliver the cleanest, smartest, most efficient and trust-worthy experience for readers and advertisers alike.

Our guiding principles include:

Reader first

The data on what news readers want is unmistakable: content they can trust — delivered way, way more efficiently. No bias. No nonsense. Every piece of content we produce will be broken and narrated with true expertise - and then summarized in one shareable element. You can decide whether to go deeper. Often, there's no need. We have one agenda: help people get smarter, faster. So we designed our content to move seamlessly from our platform to other ecosystems, including Facebook and Apple News, to meet readers on their terms, not ours.

Elegant efficiency

Make reading, watching and listening as clean and reader-friendly as possible. This means killing everything from banner ads and pop-ups to topic pages and other web features designed for clicks, not usability. Our site eliminates traditional click-based pages AND allows you to view our content without leaving your stream of news. Our design guru, Alexis Lloyd, coined the term "elegant efficiency" to guide our every iteration.

Smart, always

Assume smart people want smart content — on our platform and beyond. Many don't want serious news and information. We focus only on those who do — and then resist all the traffic-based temptations to dumb things down. We have hired people with social media superpowers and asked them to quit using those powers to attract traffic for traffic’s sake, and instead use them as a force for good: Getting smart content in front of readers on our platforms and on Facebook, Apple News, LinkedIn and other social ecosystems.

Don't sell BS

It's hard to argue with a straight face that newspaper ads, or banners, or expensive, glossy native advertising programs are the most effective means for communicating. We developed a lower-cost, more measurable and adjustable way for advertisers to do native advertising within our platform AND within our content on Facebook. We want to work with advertisers so they feel they get awesome, measurable value — and the respect and return they deserve.

Smart Brevity

If you think about your evolving habits for consuming news and information, you realize you have less time, and a shorter attention span. Our content, our ads and our platforms are designed specifically to adjust to these new habits and demands. We aim to make the experience more substantive and meaningful — and therefore more valuable. When we pull this off, it will free people up to spend time on content truly WORTHY of their time, on our platform or elsewhere.

Excellence, always

Media is a tough business. But it is a business, not a right, or charity or hobby. You distinguish yourself by delivering at a very high level on promises you make to news consumers, advertisers and subscribers. We believe life is simple: If we think big, deliver on our big promises, and show authentic appreciation for those who read and support us, we will be successful. So, thank you for reading this.


Jim VandeHei
Jim VandeHei Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Mike Allen
Mike Allen Founder & Executive Editor
Roy Schwartz
Roy Schwartz Founder & President
Evan Ryan
Evan Ryan Executive Vice President
Alexis Lloyd
Alexis Lloyd Chief Design Officer
Matt Boggie
Matt Boggie Chief Technology Officer
Kendra Tucker
Kendra Tucker Senior Vice President of Audience and Platforms
Nicholas Johnston
Nicholas Johnston Editor
Adam Hirsch
Adam Hirsch Systems Architect
Adams Paschal
Adams Paschal Associate Director of External Affairs
AJ Frucci
AJ Frucci Vice President of Business Development
Alayna Treene
Alayna Treene News Desk Reporter
Alex Duner
Alex Duner Front-End Developer
Alexi McCammond
Alexi McCammond Deputy News Desk Editor
Ali Rubin
Ali Rubin Senior Vice President, External Affairs
Alison Snyder
Alison Snyder Science Editor
Amy Harder
Amy Harder Energy Reporter
Andrew Witherspoon
Andrew Witherspoon Data Graphics Designer
Andy Boyle
Andy Boyle Director of Platform Architecture
Becca Rotenberg
Becca Rotenberg Social Media Reporter
Ben Geman
Ben Geman Energy Reporter
Bob Herman
Bob Herman Health Care Business Reporter
Brian Jacobel
Brian Jacobel Front-End Developer
Bubba Atkinson
Bubba Atkinson Managing Editor
Caitlin Owens
Caitlin Owens Health Care Reporter
Chris Barna
Chris Barna Senior Web Developer
Chris Russell
Chris Russell Expert Voices Editor
Chris Canipe
Chris Canipe Data Graphics Designer
Christopher Matthews
Christopher Matthews Business Reporter
Claire Kennedy
Claire Kennedy Senior Manager, Talent Operations
Colin Chocola
Colin Chocola Producer, Branded Video
Dan Primack
Dan Primack Business Editor
Dave Lawler
Dave Lawler Deputy News Desk Editor
David McCabe
David McCabe Technology Reporter
David Nather
David Nather Health Care Editor
Eileen O'Reilly
Eileen O'Reilly Standards and Style Editor
Eli Sinkus
Eli Sinkus Senior Producer
Emma Schwartz
Emma Schwartz Technical Product Manager
Erica Pandey
Erica Pandey News Desk Reporter
Erin Ross
Erin Ross Science Reporter
Gabriel Newman
Gabriel Newman Senior Account Manager
Gerald Rich
Gerald Rich News Developer
Gloria Kim
Gloria Kim Senior UX Designer and Researcher
Greg Ruben
Greg Ruben Senior Designer
Haley Britzky
Haley Britzky News Desk Reporter
Ina Fried
Ina Fried Chief Technology Correspondent
Jeff Segal
Jeff Segal Senior Director of Strategy
Jillian Sobeck
Jillian Sobeck Account Manager
Jonathan Swan
Jonathan Swan National Political Reporter
Joyce Kazadi
Joyce Kazadi Senior Events Manager
Juliet Bartz
Juliet Bartz Events Associate
Justin Green
Justin Green News Desk Editor
Karina Carlson
Karina Carlson Events Manager
Kate Meissner
Kate Meissner Vice President of Business Development
Kathleen Nisbet
Kathleen Nisbet Executive Assistant
Kayla Cook
Kayla Cook Chief of Staff
Kaylee Knowles
Kaylee Knowles Front-End Developer
Kerry McNellis
Kerry McNellis Deputy Director of Events
Kia Kokalitcheva
Kia Kokalitcheva Silicon Valley Reporter
Kim Hart
Kim Hart Technology Editor
Kim Schaich
Kim Schaich Senior Director
Kira Luca
Kira Luca Senior Advertising Account Manager
Lazaro Gamio
Lazaro Gamio Visuals Editor
Leigh Jervey
Leigh Jervey Events Associate, Creative
Matt Ross
Matt Ross Senior Director of Business Development
Megan Foley
Megan Foley Creative Producer, Branded
Molly Mitchell
Molly Mitchell Associate Director of Communications
Morgan McCloy
Morgan McCloy Video Producer
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley Talent Operations Associate
Neal Rothschild
Neal Rothschild Social Media Manager
Nick Bisby
Nick Bisby Systems Architect
Noa Gutterman
Noa Gutterman Senior Marketing Associate
Nora Okonski
Nora Okonski Advertising Operations Manager
Rachel Racoosin
Rachel Racoosin Director of Business Development
Rebecca Zisser
Rebecca Zisser Graphic Designer
Rob Groulx
Rob Groulx Director of Video
Robert Harrison
Robert Harrison Motion Graphics Designer
Sam Baker
Sam Baker Deputy Health Care Editor
Sam Jacobson
Sam Jacobson Director, Business Development
Sam Jayne
Sam Jayne Art Director
Sara Fischer
Sara Fischer Media Reporter
Shane Savitsky
Shane Savitsky News Desk Reporter
Shannon Vavra
Shannon Vavra News Desk Reporter
Stef W. Kight
Stef W. Kight Social Media Reporter
Steve LeVine
Steve LeVine Future of Work Editor
Taylor Poulos
Taylor Poulos Product Designer

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