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Senate approves trial resolution, teeing up final impeachment vote

The Senate approved a new organizing resolution along party lines Friday night that sets up a final vote on the articles of impeachment against President Trump next Wednesday afternoon.

What's next: The Senate is now adjourned until 11 a.m. on Monday, at which point House managers and Trump's counsel will be given two hours each for closing arguments.

  • Following closing arguments, the Senate trial will adjourn until Wednesday at 4 p.m., after which senators will deliver a final verdict on Trump.
  • Parts of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday senators will have an opportunity to give floor speeches regarding their vote in a legislative session, without Chief Justice John Roberts.

Worth noting: This could affect Tuesday night's State of the Union address, but as of now, White House and House Democratic officials say there are no plans to delay it.

  • “The president is gratified that finally at long last after multiple delays the senate will set a schedule for his acquittal as quickly as possible," Eric Ueland, White House director of legislative affairs, told reporters Friday. "I do not believe that that schedule interferes with his ability to deliver a strong and confident State of the Union message next week in the House of Representatives.”
  • A senior Democratic aide told Axios that there has been "no discussion of moving the address," and that the White House has not reached out to Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office about a change in timing.

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McConnell proposal would push final impeachment vote to Wednesday

McConnell arrives at the Capitol on Friday. Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been working on a proposal that would push the final impeachment vote to Wednesday, according to GOP aides familiar with the plan.

Why it matters: The plan isn't final, but it raises the prospect that the Senate's final verdict might not come until after the Iowa caucuses on Monday and President Trump's State of the Union address on Tuesday — unless he delays it.

Trump impeachment trial recap, day 11: Closing arguments conclude

Rep. Adam Schiff at closing arguments. Photo: Senate Television via Getty Images

House managers and President Trump's defense team presented their closing arguments on Monday during the 11th day of the president's Senate impeachment trial.

The state of the play: The four hours of closing arguments were more for show than meant to change any minds, as Trump is all but certain to be acquitted on Wednesday.

Senate votes not to call witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial

Trump at the White House on Jan. 31. Photo: Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

The Senate voted largely along party lines on Friday to move forward with President Trump's impeachment trial without calling for additional witnesses.

The bottom line: The 49-51 vote was largely expected, after two out of four key Republicans backed away from allowing more witnesses in the trial — Sens. Lamar Alexander and Lisa Murkowski.

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