Aug 3, 2017

Senate brings FCC back to five members

Jessica Rosenworcel with now-FCC Chairman Ajit Pai (Federal Communications Commission photo via Flickr)

The FCC is close to having its full slate of five commissioners for the first time in the Trump era. The Senate has confirmed former commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel and current agency official Brendan Carr to its two open seats on Thursday. It also approved several telecom bills that had been held up in wrangling over Rosenworcel's renomination.

Worth noting: The body didn't confirm current Chairman Ajit Pai to another term. His current term requires him to depart at the end of 2017 and, per Politico, the plan is to vote on his renomination later this year in the midst of a debate at the agency over Pai's proposed rollback of net neutrality rules.

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Biden and Trump are working out details for a call about coronavirus

Former Vice President Joe Biden after giving remarks about the coronavirus. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Joe Biden said during a virtual fundraiser on Thursday night that his staff is working with President Trump and his team to set up a call about the coronavirus and how he can help.

The state of play: "Yesterday, the Trump administration suggested I should call the president to offer my help," Biden said, chuckling. "Well, I’m happy to hear he’ll take my call; my team's working with him to set it up."

The month coronavirus shook the world

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

It’s already hard to envision the world we lived in one month ago.

Flashback: A WHO report from March 1 shows a total of 7,169 coronavirus cases outside of China, with just seven countries having recorded even a single fatality and the total death toll under 3,000, including China.

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Coronavirus could hit developing countries hardest

Disinfecting in Dakar, Senegal. Photo: John Wessels/AFP via Getty Images

The coronavirus is spreading most widely in countries that should be among the best equipped to handle it. There's no reason to expect that to remain the case.

Where things stand: 88% of new coronavirus cases confirmed on Wednesday came within the OECD club of wealthy nations, which together account for just 17% of the world's population. While that data is based on uneven and inadequate testing, Europe and North America are clearly in the eye of the storm.

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