Senate approves their version of the farm bill

Mitch McConnell.
Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Senate passed a five-year, $857 billion farm bill 86-11 on Thursday.

One big thing: The Senate's version of the bill, unlike the House's, doesn't include changes to the SNAP program, but the legislation does contain "minor tweaks such as extending job training pilot programs ... and establishing a new pilot related to income verification," reprots Reuters. The last time a farm bill was passed was in 2014.

  • The food-stamp program accounts for around 80% of the bill, the WSJ reports.
  • The House had approved work requirements for the SNAP program, but the Senate omitted that from their version of the bill.

What's next: The Senate and House will now have to hash out the differences in their bills before sending it to the President Trump's desk for a signature.