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Scenes from Hamburg

From L-R, Germany's Merkel, Trump, U.K.'s May. (John MacDougall/Pool Photo via AP)

The leaders of 20 of the world's most powerful nations have gathered in Hamburg, Germany for the G20 summit.

Trump walks to a meeting with MerkelEvan Vucci, AP
Merkel greets Russia's PutinEvan Vucci, AP
Merkel looks on as Trump talks to Turkey's Foreign Minister Cavusoglu and President ErdoganMarkus Schreiber / AP
France's Macron, Trump, Indonesia's Widodo, Senegal's Sall and Mexico's Pena NietoJens Meyer / AP
Trump, China's Xi, Merkel, Argentina's Macri and Australia's TurnbullJohn MacDougall/Pool Photo via AP
Michael Sohn / AP
Merkel and TrumpJohn MacDougall / Pool Photo via AP
Protests on Friday nightJohn MacDougall/Pool Photo via AP