More than three hours later, the House Rules Committee still hasn't gotten around to taking up any actual amendments that House members want to add to the GOP Obamacare repeal bill before it goes to the floor tomorrow. They've spent the whole time arguing about whether the GOP bill is being rushed, whether Obamacare was rushed, and whether the Republicans' "continuous coverage" rule — penalizing people who don't stay insured — is an adequate substitute for Obamacare's individual mandate.

Oh, and Rep. Alcee Hastings did quote Janis Joplin. The response from Rules Committee chairman Pete Sessions: "I promise not to talk about ZZ Top."

They've recessed for House votes, and have yet to take up any of the more than 20 proposed amendments they're supposed to consider. On the bright side, one House GOP aide tells me the meeting probably won't last all night: "All dayer, maybe. Not all nighter."

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There's little consensus on TikTok's specific national security threat

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

TikTok has become a Rorschach test for how U.S. politicians view China, with little consensus on the specifics of its threat to homeland security.

The big picture: Much of what D.C. fears about TikTok is fear itself, and that's reflected in President Trump's executive order to ban the app by Sept. 20 if it's not sold by parent company ByteDance — alongside another focused on Chinese messaging app WeChat and its parent company Tencent.

U.S. sanctions Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam

Photo: Anthony Kwan/Getty Images)

The Treasury Department on Friday placed sanctions on Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam, following months of tension as she has allowed continued overreach by Beijing to subvert Hong Kong's autonomy.

Why it matters: It's the toughest sanction yet imposed on China for its destruction of Hong Kong’s relatively free political system.

GM's high-stakes electric move

The Cadillac Lyriq. Image courtesy of Cadillac

Cadillac on Thursday unveiled the Lyriq, the luxury brand's first all-electric model and GM's first consumer electric vehicle unveil since the Chevy Bolt several years ago.

Why it matters: It's the first reveal by GM of an electric vehicle that will use the company's new modular platform and Ultium battery system — technologies meant to underpin the 20 electric vehicles that GM plans to launch by 2023.