Dec 29, 2019

Report: American retirees look to Vietnam for lower cost of living

Duong Van Chat, 92, waits to play croquet in Hanoi's Soc Son district in October 2019. Photo: Manan Vatsyayana/AFP via Getty Images

Some American baby boomers are retiring to Vietnam to take advantage of the lower cost of living and affordable health care, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The big picture: Just over 420,000 retired American workers live in foreign countries, according to the latest data from the Social Security Administration. That number is small compared to most of the U.S. but marks a higher concentration than dozens of large states.

  • Roughly 400 retired American workers currently live in Vietnam, according to the SSA.
  • U.S. soldiers who served in the Vietnam War are also retiring to the country.

Cambodia and Sri Lanka are also working to entice U.S. retirees, per the Times. Sri Lanka distributes renewable two-year visas to retirees that can support themselves, and both countries offer low housing costs.

The bottom line: The majority of retired American workers living abroad are putting down roots in Europe, per SSA data. Retirees living in Canada and Mexico come in second place, followed by Asian countries.

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U.S. companies are forcing workers to train their own foreign replacements

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Opponents of job outsourcing are making a holiday-season appeal to President Trump: Stop U.S. companies from forcing American workers to train the very same cheaper foreign laborers who will soon replace them.

Why it matters: Trump promised voters he'd end abuses of worker visa programs and save U.S. jobs — but as he campaigns for re-election, advocates say he hasn't done enough.

Unemployment fell to 50-year low in 2019 but wages stagnated

Data: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; Chart: Axios Visuals

Friday's jobs report missed expectations, but still delivered solid numbers, showing the U.S. economy added well over 100,000 jobs and the unemployment rate remained near a 50-year low.

The big picture: BLS reported that the number of people who were employed part time but would rather be full-time employees declined by 507,000 over the year.

Affordability is driving Americans' decisions on where to live

Data: Prudential; Note: ±3.0 margin of error; Chart: Axios Visuals

Most American workers place affordability above jobs on the priority list when determining where to live, according to Prudential's Pulse of the American Worker survey conducted in November by Morning Consult.

Why it matters: The high cost of living in job-rich centers holds people back from looking for new opportunities there.

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