Report: Afghan officials and Taliban talk nearly every day

Afghan army commandos train at the Shorab military camp in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Massoud Hossaini / AP

Afghan officials are speaking by telephone with Taliban military leaders nearly every day about the country's constitution and a political future, the AP's Kathy Gannon reports. Afghanistan's national security adviser talks with the Taliban every other month, per officials familiar with the efforts.

Why it matters: The documents detailing the conversations, which the AP obtained, show the Taliban may be willing to sign on to Afghanistan's constitution as well as future elections. The Taliban wants amendments to the constitution and potentially an Islamic system of governance, according to a senior Afghan security official.

These aren't public peace negotiations, and the Taliban is unlikely to enter talks without an American withdrawal, according to Abdul Hakim Mujahed, a member of the Afghan government's High Peace Council. Trump announced last week a withdrawal would be unacceptable.