Refer a friend to Axios Local

Earn rewards for referring your friends to Axios Local.

Earn rewards

Get your friends to subscribe to Axios Local and earn Axios swag. The more subscribers you refer, the bigger the rewards.
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Please see here for terms & conditions of the referral program, as well as official rules for the Sweepstakes here.

Holiday Sweepstakes

Details: Here’s how the sweepstakes works.

Referrals made between 12/5 and 12/18 at 11:59pm will count toward the sweepstakes. Only new subscribers count as successful referrals.

   • Each referral counts as 1 entry. The more referrals you get, the more chances you have to win!

The intrigue: Three winning subscribers will receive a gift card to a select local retailer or restaurant. Redemption options will be provided to the winners and will vary by city.
1 big thing: Go home for the holidays with Axios Local!
1st prize

$500 gift card
2nd prize

$250 gift card
3rd prize

$100 gift card
The fine print: For more details, please see the sweepstakes terms and conditions.

Your rewards

5 referrals
10 referrals
Premium Canvas Tote
25 referrals
Classic Baseball
50 referrals
Comfy Jersey
100 referrals
Cozy Fleece
500 referrals
Pro Laptop Backpack
1000 referrals
Visit Axios in Washington, D.C.

How it works

What is the Axios Local refer-a-friend program?

The big picture: Refer Axios Local to your friends, and you’ll earn rewards based on the number of new subscribers that you successfully refer. If you subscribe to other Axios newsletters, you can also participate in the Axios refer-a-friend program.

Of note: Only new subscribers to Axios or Axios Local will count toward your referrals. Your friends will also need to confirm their subscriptions to complete their sign ups.

The bottom line: Rewards are earned based on the number of successful referrals that you have. The more you refer, the bigger your rewards.

So go ahead, start sharing with your friends, family and colleagues!

How do I refer my friends to Axios Local?

To refer your friends to Axios Local, simply enter your name and email in the Earn rewards section above and click on Start sharing and track my rewards.

• You can refer Axios to your friends via email, social media, or SMS. 
• You can also copy and paste your personal referral link and send it to your friends directly.

When your friends click on the personal link that you share with them, they’ll be directed to a newsletter sign up page. 

• They can then select the newsletters of their choice and enter their email to sign up to Axios for free.

Remind your friends that they need to check their emails to confirm their subscriptions. If they’re new to Axios, you’ll earn referral points toward your rewards!

How do I check how many successful referrals I have?

To see how many referral points you’ve earned, enter your name and email in the Earn rewards section above and click on Share or track my rewards.

What are my rewards?

When your friends subscribe to Axios, you’ll earn referral points that you can redeem for your rewards. 

For each referral milestone, you’ll earn different rewards:

• 5 referrals: a vinyl Axios sticker
• 10 referrals: a premium Axios canvas tote
• 25 referrals: a classic Axios baseball hat
• 50 referrals: a comfy Axios jersey t-shirt
• 100 referrals: a cozy Axios fleece jacket
• 500 referrals: a laptop backpack, perfect for a pro like yourself
• 1,000 referrals: come visit us in D.C. and meet some Axions!

How do I get my rewards?

Once you hit a referral milestone, we’ll email you with a special code to redeem your cool Axios swag. You can use that code at the Axios online swag store (powered by Brilliant).

What are the terms and conditions?

The Axios refer-a-friend program’s terms and conditions can be found here.
For additional information on this program, please contact us at [email protected].