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Protests, arrests follow "inauguration" of Kenyan opposition leader

Raila Odinga ahead of the ceremony. Photo: PATRICK MEINHARDT/AFP/Getty Images

Kenya's government is continuing a crackdown on the opposition one week after Raila Odinga, who lost a disputed presidential election last year to incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta, was sworn in as the "people's president" in a mock inauguration.

Why it matters: As recently as last year, when the Supreme Court threw out an election result and Kenyatta agreed to partake in a re-run (which Odinga ultimately boycotted), Kenya was lauded as a positive example for democracy in the region. Now, there are fears that democracy is starting to slip away.

The latest:

  • Politician Miguna Miguna faces treason charges for being present at the ceremony, while at least two other opposition figures have been arrested. Miguna's detention has sparked protests.
  • Two TV stations that were blacked out over plans to show the ceremony are back on air, while two others remained blocked as of Monday, per Al-Jazeera.

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