Gold nugget. Photo: studiocasper / iStock

The Earth formed over 4 billion years ago with a ready supply of heavy elements like gold and platinum, but the source of those elements has been somewhat of a mystery.

Stars like our sun fuse hydrogen into helium, and at the end of their lives go on to create carbon and oxygen before exhausting themselves. Bigger stars are capable of the intense pressures needed to make silicon, magnesium, nickel and iron before exploding in ferocious supernova detonations that can make even heavier stuff.

What's next: The recent observation of merging neutron stars puts an interesting twist on the game of elements: three Earth masses worth of gold was found in the remnants of that explosion. This means that, like supernovas, these energetic mergers are capable of forming heavy elements. Which process dominates in the universe? We're still not sure.

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U.S. officials: Iran and Russia aim to interfere in election

Iran and Russia have obtained voter registration information that can be used to undermine confidence in the U.S. election system, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe announced at a press conference Wednesday evening.

Why it matters: The revelation comes roughly two weeks before Election Day. Ratcliffe said Iran has sent threatening emails to Democratic voters this week in states across the U.S. and spread videos claiming that people can vote more than once.

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Coronavirus dashboard

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

  1. Politics: Senate Democrats block vote on McConnell's targeted COVID relief bill McConnell urges White House not to strike stimulus deal before election.
  2. Economy: Why the stimulus delay isn't a crisis (yet).
  3. Health: New York reports most COVID cases since MayStudies show drop in coronavirus death rate — The next wave is gaining steam.
  4. Education: Schools haven't become hotspots — San Francisco public schools likely won't reopen before the end of the year.
  5. World: Spain becomes first nation in Western Europe to exceed 1 million cases.
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Supreme Court blocks Alabama curbside voting measure

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Supreme Court on Wednesday evening blocked a lower court order that would have allowed voters to cast ballots curbside at Alabama polling places on Election Day.

Whit it matters: With less than two weeks until Election Day, the justices voted 5-3 to reinstate the curbside voting ban and overturn a lower court judge's ruling designed to protect people with disabilities during the coronavirus pandemic.