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Exclusive: TechNet's 2024 legislative priorities

Jan 25, 2024
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Competing globally on AI is the top theme in TechNet's federal policy agenda for 2024, per an announcement shared exclusively with Axios.

Driving the news: Tech companies are facing federal proposals, court cases, overseas policy and hundreds of state-level bills impacting their business while trying to stay afloat and compete with China.

  • TechNet, which counts company CEOs and top executives as members and lobbies for tech companies on state and federal levels, says policy that keeps the U.S. the lead on AI is most important.

Details: TechNet's policy agenda includes:

  • Leading on artificial intelligence
  • Passing a federal data privacy law
  • Investing in a pipeline for STEM jobs
  • Immigration reform to boost tech talent
  • Funding tech hubs via CHIPS money
  • More R&D tax deductions
  • Digital trade
  • Fighting climate change.

What they're saying: "China has taken the lead over the U.S. in 37 of 44 technologies and is developing these emerging technologies, chief among them artificial intelligence, as a core part of its long-term strategy to out-compete America and our allies," TechNet CEO Linda Moore said in a release.

  • "It is now more critical than ever for the U.S. to meet this threat by leveraging our strengths to win the next era of innovation."

Between the lines: Some of these agenda items, including passing a federal privacy law and immigration reform, have stalled for years. Others are more feasible, like further implementation of the CHIPS Act.

  • On AI, TechNet makes clear that the industry thinks a risk-basked framework and existing laws are about as far as the government should go on regulation.
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