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Dispatch from Natural Products Expo West

Illustration of a hundred dollar bill with Benjamin Franklin wearing a chef's hat.

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

The best part of Natural Products Expo West is that you actually get to try the products.

Why it matters: No matter how lofty a company's goals are, whether it's sustainability or animal welfare or to improve the public's health, the product still has to taste good.

Here are some of the most crave-able products I tried, in no certain order.

  • Milk Bar confetti cookies
  • Green Monday/Omni Foods' plant-based battered fish
  • The Very Good Butcher's plant-based beef products
  • Planterra's Ozo Foods plant-based bacon
  • Nature's Heart golden chai pecan crunch snack mix
  • Kodiak Cakes pancake and waffle mix
  • Country Archer's mushroom jerky

Of note: And Chomps, a maker of meat snacks, had the best logo, "All stick, without the ick."

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