What an economic downturn means for VC, PE and M&A

In the midst of high inflation, rising interest rates and a global economic pullback, the Axios Pro newsroom is here to provide clarity. Our industry-leading journalists put this downturn into context and uncover how market forces are affecting dealmaking in your industry.

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Table of contents

  1. 1. Overview
  2. 2. Fintech
  3. 3. Climate
  4. 4. Media
  5. 5. Retail
  6. 6. Health tech

Why it matters

With decades of combined experience, deep industry connections, and dozens of exclusive stories broken this year, nobody knows the dealmaking space better than the Axios Pro newsroom.

What's inside:

  • Analysis across venture capital, private equity and M&A

  • Insights from the biggest players in dealmaking

  • Trends and signals to watch in 2023

  • Forecasting from the Axios Pro reporters

  • Industry rundowns across fintech, health tech, climate, media and retail

Axios Pro Economic Downturn Report