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Funko's Dave Beré on creating a content about the collectibles brand

Kerry Flynn
Sep 13, 2022
Photo illustration of Dave Beré with abstract shapes.

Photo illustration: Gabriella Turrisi/Axios. Photo: courtesy of Funko

Funko is looking to further extend its pop culture collectibles from shelves to screens, vice president of brand and marketing Dave Beré tells Axios.

Why it matters: The move into content, financially empowered by The Chernin Group's $263 million investment earlier this year, helps the retail brand diversify its business while also marketing its collectibles.

  • "That's a huge opportunity for us," Beré says. "We're always looking for new ways to get into the entertainment space."

Driving the news: Funko held a press event this morning, where Beré and other executives spoke about the strategy. That included teasing new retail products, along with other investments.

  • Funko is planning a documentary following a Funko truck on a cross-country tour to San Diego Comic-Con next year.
  • Its other media forays include teaming up with Jon Burton, the video game designer behind Lego games and other titles, on a new console game.

Details: Speaking from the event, Beré says Funko is working with a major studio on the upcoming video game but declined to name it.

  • "The model that [Lego has] done and the success that they've had with all their great releases under Warner Brothers' portfolio, there's a lot we can emulate there that I think will be really successful for us," Beré says.
  • "Just imagine the world of Funko and with holding 1,100 licenses, all that we can do there and the fun that we can have," he adds.
  • As for the documentary, Funko already has experience making one. It released "Making Fun: The Story of Funko" in 2018.
  • "We know the convention experience works," Beré says. "Traveling across country, the different stories we'll get, the different fans we'll meet along the way, we think is well suited for a documentary."

The big picture: Content based on toys is nothing new. There's a long list of Barbie movies (and a new live-action one coming). Lena Dunham is working on a live-action film adaptation of the Polly Pocket toy line.

  • The Chernin Group helped support a deal between Exploding Kittens and Netflix, where the streamer is converting the card game into a mobile game and a TV series.
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