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November 10, 2022

Axios Pro Exclusive Content

Welcome to our special look at how the (probably) Republican House is going to shake up the Hill's health care agenda next year. Because we're all tired of waiting on California, right? 🤷

  • The vote counting was so slow that we posted a scoop by Peter that Bill Cassidy will probably be HELP committee chair if Republicans do flip the Senate since Rand Paul has his eyes on another committee.
  • We'll start our regular coverage on Nov. 14 with a look at the lame-duck session.

1 big thing: What the GOP will do

Illustration of an elephant stepping on red medical crosses and circles

Illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios

Who knows how this ends up, but it's looking like Republicans will squeak out a majority. So what do they agree on doing besides investigations? Not much!

  • But here's a list of what Peter and Victoria have been able to figure out.

Where the GOP House is unified:

  • Republicans are eyeing eliminating any lingering COVID restrictions and potentially even voting to end the national emergency declaration.
  • A top House Republican priority is to pass the HALT Fentanyl Act to permanently make fentanyl-related drugs schedule I controlled substances.
  • Rep. Brett Guthrie, who co-chaired the House GOP’s health care task force, called health care price transparency “a big one,” saying people need to know the price of procedures ahead of time.
  • A House Energy and Commerce Republican staffer told Axios that investigating PBMs and ways to pass more savings on to patients will be a priority.
  • One post-COVID area of agreement: extending or making permanent the telehealth flexibilities that are part of the national public health emergency.

Oversight is another priority. Investigating COVID-19's origins, as well as the federal health agencies’ response to the pandemic, has long been a front-burner issue for Republicans.

The bottom line: If we're all wrong and the Democrats keep the House, we'll send you another issue with what they'll do!

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