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1 fun thing: Lunch with Families USA's Jen Taylor

Jen Taylor, senior director of federal relations, Families USA

Taylor. Photo: Peter Sullivan/Axios

We're back with another lunch Q&A, this time with Jen Taylor, senior director of federal relations at Families USA.

  • She sat down with Axios for some cacio e pepe at Sfoglina.

What was the latest you ever stayed at the office?

Probably during ACA time [working for Rep. Chellie Pingree].… I remember during ACA getting dinner out of the vending machines down in Longworth.

  • There was a member who shall remain nameless, who was a House Democrat, who was like, kicking the crap out of the vending machine because it ate her money, and she needed a granola bar for dinner. Nothing was open, and we were all stranded there. And I remember these are moments where I'm like, "Huh. This is how the legislation gets made."

What's your best celebrity sighting?

Michelle Obama.… She came to a community event in Maine when I was working for Chellie Pingree. And she was out speaking, and my boss was very kind because she knew that I had a deep obsession with her. And she was going to try to introduce me, but there was like a huge crowd.

And so she just … nudged her to wave at me. And I like waved at her. I think I mouthed "I love you" and she was like, "I love you." It was so sweet and so awkward.

Cups or Longworth Dunkin?

So even though I'm a Longworth girl all day, there was no Longworth Dunkin when I worked there. [A friend later introduced her to] the glory that is Cups.

Do you have a favorite bar on the Hill? What do you order there?

All my favorite bars are gone. So Tortilla Coast, RIP. I do love to go to Sonoma if you want like a nice glass of wine, but I kind of miss the rowdier days of Cap Lounge. Pitchers of beer and pizza.

  • If I'm on the House side, I love to just go get a beer at Tune Inn. I love a dive bar, I love a beer, and it's hard to top Tune Inn.

Good TV show you watched lately?

I just finished the most recent season of "True Detective." The first season is excellent. The second season is a travesty, don't watch it.… I really enjoyed [the latest season].

What do you think is an under-noticed or under-covered issue in health care?

I genuinely believe [in], and am actively working on, price transparency and related payment reforms. I think they really have been under the radar for a very long time.

  • They're getting a little bit more of a moment now. But I think some people are still slow to turn to understanding the potential it really has to unlock a more rational way forward on health care. I don't think it solves all of our problems.
  • We pay a lot of money, and we don't get a lot in return. And we've all just kind of accepted that that's how it is. And so I feel like in this moment, it's getting some traction, but maybe not enough for people to really understand how transformational it could be.
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