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November 10, 2022

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Situational awareness: FTX lent billions of dollars worth of customer assets to fund risky bets via its Alameda Research arm, the WSJ reports, citing a source.

1 big thing: Implosion

Employees leaving Lehman Brothers' New York building after the bank's collapse in 2008. Photo credit: Getty

If Tuesday was crypto's Bear Stearns moment — the day that a central player in a financial ecosystem collapsed into the arms of a much bigger rival — then Wednesday was its Lehman Brothers moment, with that same central player simply imploding into a balance-sheet hole of unknowable size, Axios' Felix Salmon reports.

Why it matters: The collapse of FTX is the most consequential failure the crypto world has seen since Mt. Gox disappeared overnight in 2014.

  • "It looks likely that a new cascade of margin calls, deleveraging and crypto company/platform failures is starting," J.P. Morgan analysts wrote in a research note on Wednesday.

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