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February 29, 2024

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πŸ‘‹ Happy Thursday! It's been ... quite a week.

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🚨Situational awareness: The White House this afternoon announced three nominees for FERC: Judy Chang, David Rosner and Lindsay See.

🎢 Today's last song is from ACORE CEO Ray Long, who walked onstage at an event today to an early aughts classic: "Boom" by P.O.D.

1 big thing: Cuts ahead for Interior and EPA

Murkowski earlier this month. Photo: Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Expect cuts to Interior and EPA funding when lawmakers finally consider a fiscal 2024 spending agreement next week, Nick writes.

Why it matters: Sure, those agencies got big extracurricular spending increases from the IRA β€” but it comes amid frantic work to finalize regulations and send climate law money out the door before the election.

Driving the news: Lisa Murkowski, the top Senate GOP appropriator on the Interior-EPA bill, said today that it was a "really, really, really hard budget."

  • "Nobody's gonna like our Interior budget because we had to cut, and we had to cut a lot," she told reporters.
  • Lawmakers negotiated the bill based on the spending limits in the debt ceiling deal.
  • She said the bill does include money to pay wildland firefighters.

Zoom in: There are a few remaining riders still being negotiated by leadership, she said, but most of the House GOP's partisan policy provisions dropped out.

  • "The overwhelming majority of the riders that the House had wanted to try to advance we just weren't able to accommodate."

On energy-water approps, House subcommittee Chair Chuck Fleischmann said he is going to be "very, very pleased" with the final bill.

  • He declined to go into detail. But asked whether enriched uranium funding ($2.5 billion in his initial proposal) made it in, he simply said, "There's a big smile on my face."

Catch up quick: Hill leaders have a deal to pass six spending bills β€” including those two β€” by next week.

  • The House today passed a stopgap bill to avoid a shutdown tomorrow, and the Senate is expected to act soon.

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