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Minibus energy losers

Mar 21, 2024
Illustration of the Capitol dome

Illustration: Natalie Peeples/Axios

For energy world, the latest minibus is more about what was left out than what's in it.

Why it matters: Big-ticket policy riders, like the Russian uranium ban, ADVANCE Act and CFATS reauthorization, didn't make the cut. It could be months before the next legislative vehicle appears.

Catch up quick: Appropriators released text of the final minibus this morning. Congress has less than two days to avoid a government shutdown.

Zoom in: The Russian uranium ban isn't in the measure, despite a push from bipartisan committee leaders, as we told you this week.

  • Nor is the long-sought reauthorization of the expired Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards program. That's left the chemical industry worried that there's virtually no path around Sen. Rand Paul's opposition.

What's next: On the uranium ban bill, overcoming Sen. Ted Cruz's hold on quick passage is very TBD.

  • On CFATS, Homeland Security Chair Gary Peters told Axios he would "keep trying to find something to attach it to," or find a way to get a floor vote.

What's inside: The minibus does include an extension of the Price-Anderson nuclear liability law, ticking off one issue that lawmakers were trying to take care of in their nuclear licensing package.

  • It has money for various international energy and environment programs: $125 million for the Clean Technology Fund and $150 million for the Global Environment Facility, but nothing for the Green Climate Fund.
  • Democrats touted funding boosts in the defense title for climate resilience efforts at the Pentagon.
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