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More from Jason Grumet: hydrogen, LNG exports

Illustration of hydrogen molecules surrounded by dollar elements and abstract shapes

Illustration: Gabriella Turrisi/Axios

You've heard Jason Grumet's thoughts on 2025 lobbying and decarbonizing the grid, but we've got a few more odds and ends for you from his interview with the American Clean Power Association chief.

On the hydrogen tax credit: Grumet sees enthusiasm for hydrogen diminishing in the industry after the administration released its guidance for the credit late last year.

  • "It's becoming more clear that some of the folks arguing for stringency are actually more interested in [having] no hydrogen industry. ... I think the administration is starting to perceive that."

On the LNG export pause: ACP believes that U.S. LNG exports have "a global positive climate impact," Grumet said. "It would be surprising to me if the administration intentionally sought to diminish LNG exports."

On carbon tariffs: Grumet is "super interested" in the Hill discussion about carbon tariffs. But he's got questions, given the tariff wars ACP and other renewables trades have been waging.

  • "Some of the worst public policy that our industry and other industries have to grapple with are irrational, politically driven tariffs. … How does this fit into the existing tariff regime?"

On scaling up: ACP has hired 49 people over the last year and is moving to a bigger office space in D.C.

  • "I joined based on the premise that the American Clean Power Association is going to be standing side by side with API and EEI," Grumet said.
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