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Catch me up: Renewables, BLM and biofuels

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Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

Here's a quick rundown of other news you may have missed this week...

🚦 Fast renewables rule: The Bureau of Land Management just unveiled a new proposed rule aimed at easing the burdens facing renewables developers on federal lands.

🙀 BLM shouting match: Speaking of BLM, two Western GOP governors testified Thursday against agency land-use efforts at a House Natural Resources hearing that featured fireworks with Republicans on one side and the agency and its defenders on the other. Watch here.

💨 Speed things up: Biden's hinting he will advance energy and climate rulemakings ahead of schedule to avoid a future GOP president undoing them.

🌽 Biofuels = soon: One push coming soon is a final biofuels blending rule.

🔪 Dems help knife stove rule: Twenty-nine House Democrats voted with the GOP to pass a bill targeting DOE stove efficiency efforts. Senate passage is less likely.

🚛 Truck move halted: Biden vetoed the truck emissions rule CRA. It won't be overridden.

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