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Catch up fast: More CRA votes

A male lesser prairie chicken. Photo: Michael Pearce/Wichita Eagle/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Here's a quick rundown of this week's Congressional Review Act action:

☀️ Solar blow — Nine Senate Democrats joined the GOP to pass a resolution overturning the Biden administration's pause on solar tariffs.

  • It's headed for a veto, but the 56-41 vote was a messy fight over China and renewables manufacturing. Read our full recap here.

🐔 Playing chicken — The Senate voted 50-48 to approve a measure repealing Biden's regulation to protect the imperiled lesser prairie chicken.

  • Joe Manchin was the only Dem to join the GOP and spurn the bird. Biden will veto if it passes the House.

What we're watching: We'll likely get more CRA votes in the coming months, with agencies preparing to roll out power plant rules and a new climate disclosure regulation.

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