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Caught our eye: Solar, farm bill, debt

Nick Sobczyk
Apr 20, 2023
Tulips near U.S. Capitol

Photo: Celal Gunes/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Here are three energy-related things worth keeping an eye on:

☀️ 1. The Congressional Review Act measure to overturn President Biden's solar tariffs waiver cleared House Ways and Means in a bipartisan vote yesterday.

Why it matters: It's a huge deal for the solar industry, and we'll be watching how the White House messages when it hits the House and Senate floors.

🚜 2. Farm bill conservation cash might be on the Republican chopping block, but it's getting a boost from Sen. Michael Bennet.

  • Bennet today oversaw a hearing on making farm bill conservation funding more efficient, an issue the GOP has raised to justify possible cuts.

Between the lines: Because the farm bill will need wide bipartisan support, even nuanced jockeying like Bennet's bears watching closely.

💵 3. The GOP debt limit bill offers a list of IRA energy credits that Republicans would like to repeal.

Of note: Republicans are proposing to essentially restore the pre-IRA EV tax credit — repealing the domestic sourcing and North American assembly requirements and restoring the manufacturer cap.

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