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Recess reads on energy

Senator Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley. Photo: Nathan Posner/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Here’s a rundown of the stories we've been watching over recess …

🚦Manchin’s moves: Remember when we told you Sen. Joe Manchin threatened to sue the Biden administration over its plan for the IRA’s expanded EV tax credit?

🚗 Leasing love: Axios’ What’s Next took a look at how leasing might become the easiest way electric car consumers can benefit from the IRA.

🧪 Chem concerns: Sen. Jeff Merkley wants to know why EPA approved a plant to produce plastic-based alternative fuels with toxic pollution potential. (The Guardian)

💧River watch: The snowy winter out West took pressure off states in the Colorado River basin just as they’re in the middle of heated water use negotiations. (CNN)

  • The Supreme Court is also reviewing Navajo Nation water rights in the Colorado River. Here’s a first-person look at that fight from Atmos, a climate-centric mag.
  • And today, the Interior Department unveiled a draft plan for water cuts for the river. (NYT)

⚡️Charged up: Axios’ Peter Allen Clark reports lawmakers across the U.S. are starting to push for tighter standards on lithium-ion battery safety.

  • This includes New York politicians who are responding after a spate of local fires, like a recent blaze in NYC that killed a 7-year-old boy and a teenager. (NBC News)

💨 CO2 school: WaPo’s Maxine Joselow has an eerily funny feature on children’s books sneaking climate denial into schools.

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