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President Biden's green energy tariffpalooza

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We've got six months until Election Day, but punishing new tariffs expected to be announced by the Biden administration are demonstrating how the election is already affecting climate tech.

State of play: The White House this week is expected to announce fresh tariffs on aluminum, batteries, electric vehicles, solar cells and steel.

  • The trade measures could be a boon to nascent U.S. manufacturing but raise prices for downstream companies and consumers.

Between the lines: For all the talk about this year's presidential election, and how a Trump victory may upend measures such as the Inflation Reduction Act, the trade actions reflect election impacts.

  • The planned tariffs from President Biden seem a move to shore up support among U.S. manufacturers and their workers, as President Trump has threatened to impose a 60% tariff on all imports from China.

Driving the news: The Biden administration plans to quadruple the tariffs on Chinese EVs to 102% from 27.5%, per Bloomberg.

  • The existing tariff has all but barred low-cost Chinese EVs from the U.S.

Meanwhile, steel and aluminum products from China will see trade penalties jump to 25% from existing tariffs that range from zero to 7.5%.

  • The plans for sectors such as batteries and solar are less clear.

The tariffs were imposed under President Donald Trump. The Biden administration has since been reviewing the measures, per WSJ.

The intrigue: Some parts of the solar supply chain, such as machines used to make solar panels, will be left out of the tariffs.

👀 What we're watching: We're keeping an eye toward downstream businesses that rely on low-cost products from China.

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